All events should be listed here; however, not all may not be "built" or finished yet, especially if it is early in the calendar year. The events listed below either can be registered for online via the Ride Management System (RMS)* or are far enough along that you can read the Ride Information sheet.  The accuracy of the ride information is dependent on the the ride manager. Check with ride manager if in doubt.

To register for a ride you may fill out and send in a paper entry or (preferred) register online. To send in a paper entry, obtain the contact information for ride management from the "Ride Info" link, then ask for a paper entry form. To register online, first create an account just like in many, many other websites, then create your rider and horse profiles (as many as you have in your family). Then select the ride and register. You may also register as a volunteer, however it's a good idea to coordinate with ride management first to find out where you're needed most.

To create an account, return to the home page and click "Need an account?" ONLY IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT! It is very confusing to ride management for people to have multiple accounts. Always enter/keep your current email address in your rider profile so you can retrieve your logon credentials if you forget them.

If you already have an account and have logged in on the home page you will see the RMS button. Click it here or on the home page to transfer to RMS.

Event StartRide NameRideCityRegionWho RegRide Info
11/4/2017 Heart of Dixie TroyAL 5 Ride Info