Below are the unofficial points, calculated by RMS, prior to any corrections, additions or changes in placement found by the National Office during the ride report processing.  Sweepstakes points are not added here. For Official Point totals, you must contact the National NATRC Office.

By default this shows ride events in the current year. However if you wish to see a previous year select from the drop-down list.

*The points are listed by person, by ride because they cannot be accurately summed due the following exceptions which frequently occur:
  • Many people have more than 1 account. Each account has it's own key fields (userid, riderIDs and horseIDs).
  • A person who registers at a ride (instead of before the ride) has "0" in each of the above key fields, so there's no way to tie it to their other records that were created from their online account.
  • Names cannot be reliably used on the above records because a registration person may type either the first name or last name in differently.